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My Green Carpet Clean is Orange County’s Leading Green Carpet Cleaner, only providing environmentally-safe cleaning solutions to area residential and business customers. Nowadays, people are more environmentally aware and are interested in getting rid of the toxins and chemicals in their homes. With My Green Carpet Clean, we only use environmentally- safe cleaning products in everything we do. Not only are our products eco-friendly but they are also very effective at cleaning.


We are offering green carpet cleaning solutions, green upholstery cleaning solutions, green rug cleaning solutions and more! When customers want to go green in their Orange county homes, they know they can count on My Green Carpet Clean to give them what they want.

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Environmentally Safe Carpet Cleaning in Orange County:

Who really wants to worry about harsh chemicals being used on their carpets to risk damage or affecting our loved one’s health? Most people today do not want harsh cleaning products in their home. There is the risk of someone having a reaction to their carpeting if someone uses a harsh chemical. Plus, harsh chemical can stink and even cause issues for asthma sufferers. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are much safer for our families and pets. There isn’t a health risk when we use our products in your home. Plus, because they are environmentally safer green cleaning products, you can bet your carpeting will last longer and the color will be enhanced after it is cleaned.


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Orange County Upholstery Green Cleaning:

Like carpeting, upholstery is a place where dirt, stains, dust and other pollutants get stuck in the fibers of the furniture. While using a chemical may make sense to kill off any microorganisms, there is that potential risk of ruining your upholstery or causing health issues with your family because of the use of those types of cleaning products. For allergy and asthma suffers, the last thing you want to use is a harsh chemical on the furniture they sit on. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions in our upholstery cleaning that will remove the dirt, stains and other pollutants while brings out the upholstery fibers. The furniture will feel cleaner and


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Rug Cleaning – Environmentally Cleaner Type of Cleaning!

Just like carpeting and upholstery, rugs get just as dirty and dust, pollens and other pollutants cling to the rug fibers. To not only clean the rug and to preserve it, it makes perfect sense to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to not only clean it but it helps extend its life. Our carpet cleaning technicians at My Green Carpet Clean, knows rugs and how to take good care of them. We will properly take care of your rug and when you receive it back, you will think it is brand new!


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My Green Carpet Clean – Los Angeles Top Tile & Grout Cleaners of Los Angeles


Additionally, if you haven’t cleaned your tiles and grout, it would be a good idea to have them professionally-cleaned. Tile and grout is a place where bacteria and dirt like to hide-out. Also, when grout gets stained it is almost impossible to get it cleaned on your own. We use the best green cleaning solutions when we clean tile and grout! Not only will your tile be cleaner, it will also be shiner.


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My Green Carpet Clean Specializes in Eco-Friendly Cleaning:



Throughout Orange County and the entire Los Angeles area, My Green Carpet Clean is the industry’s best carpet cleaner that uses only environmentally safer cleaning products. Whether you are looking to have your carpeting cleaned, rug cleaned, upholstery cleaned, tile & grout cleaned, drapery cleaned or air ducts cleaned, why not call Orange County’s leading professional cleaner who uses eco-friendly products. Once, you go with us, you will find we will be your one-stop cleaning solution every time you need your home cleaned. Call us today to set an appointment. You will be glad you did!


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